Boys Junior Varsity Football, Boys Varsity Football · 1973: The Year the Hornets Stung!

You would be hard pressed to find high school football teams today that exhibit the comradery, passion, will, and dedication that the 1973 Haines City Hornets Varsity football team displayed. “The brotherhood we had and the love we shared for one another is what propelled us to that state championship. It didn’t matter if you were black or white, we played for each other and built a bond that is still strong today,” said Steve Green who was an All-state selection during the 1973 season.

Recently, the 1973 team was inducted into Haines City High School’s Hall of Fame, which will forever cement them in Haines City High School history. On Friday, September 13, 2019 during a home football game the team was brought back to campus to be celebrated by fans! The night gave the team an opportunity to reminisce on the good times and share their wealth of knowledge with current coaches and players.

According to Green, “today’s high school football teams are lacking true togetherness both on and off the field, which directly contributes to team success.” After speaking with Green, the passion, pride, and commitment to his school and teammates are still quite evident. Furthermore, his love for the game and willingness to sacrifice for his teammates are two characteristics that current players can learn and grow from!